Welcome to Maruthi Office Equipment

Maruthi Office Equipment Private Limited (MOEPL), an ISO 2001 certified Company, not a moppet but a three decade entity, is headquartered at Chennai. We are the leading manufacturer of chair, desk, and table for educational institutions. The professionally managed business has a skookum manufacturing facility and an owned marketing network as well. more...

Kinder Garten

We design furniture for kids of kinder garten, aimed at improving their artistic ideas. The design of the furniture is pretty catchy.

Class Room

Class room furniture is furniture viz., desk and bench, for students. Our furniture is spacious that ensures fatigue free long hours of sitting in the class room. Further, we produce comfortable, colourful and attractive furniture for students used in their own study room at home.


To meet the needs of a library, however smaller or bigger it be, we manufacture a variety of furniture namely a Two way book case, Book rack, Closed book case, Glass Door cupboard, Newspaper stand, Journal rack, Periodical display rack and so on.