When the education industry was in its incunabula, "Gurukulam" modelled schools was the way as making furniture was cumbersome and expensive. Per se, carpentry was revolutionized with the advent of plywood and the use of woods and panels evanesced.

Unlike Furniture for other use, school furniture never had an organized market. This made acquisition of school furniture practically intricate. The School managements stove hard identifying and buying the furniture to suit their wallet, comfort and taste.

Enlightened over this qualm, the rhapsodic MOEPL entered this sensitive segment on the back of its brawny R&D. The sure-fire products from the stable of MOEPL are sturdy and space saving, still affordable. MOEPL has an integrated manufacturing facility located in around 1.50 lakh square feet area to house its imported and indigenous plant and machinery. The same is run by a team of professionals.